Tenant's FAQs

Q: How do I submit a rental application?

A: You have to be at least 18 years old. If you are, you can click on this link to download a copy of our rental application. Rental Application

Q: Is is possible to apply for a property that I haven't viewed? 

A: Of course. We will make every effort to answer any questions you might have. We can also arrange for a video tour, or you can also have a trusted friend or third party arrange a tour on your behalf.

Q: How can I visit a property?

A: Call the number on the listing directly or click here WFM LR Contact Info for more contact information.

Q: Do I have to sign a lease? 

A: Yes, a lease is required. Most of our properties require a 12 month lease. It states the responsibilites of both sides for the entirety of the lease term.

Q: What is your security deposit policy?

A: Security deposit equals to one month's rent and may vary based on credit. You need to pay the full amoouynt before moving in.

Q: How do the rent payments work?

A: Your rent is usually due on the first day of every month unless your lease agreement specifies otherwise. ACH (Auto Draft) is the preferred method for rent payments. An ACH form is provided at lease signing for this purpose.

Q: When do you increase the rent?

A: Rent increases usually happen after the lease term expiration. Of course, it isn't always increased. Our analysis accounts for the property owner's requests and relevant market conditions.

Q: What could I do to waive the late rent fees?

A: If a tenant notifies the landlord by the 1st of the month, as a courtesy WFM Little Rock offers a one time waiver of late fees.

Q: What happens if I can't pay the rent on time?

A: Immediately call or text Doug to alert him that you will be late. Failing to do so could lead to eviction proceedings against you.

Q: Am I allowed to have a roommate?

A: Yes, but every roommate needs to be approved. They can get approval by using a rental application form. After filling out the form, they must pay the application fee, and wait for the screening results. Skipping any of these steps violates the lease and could lead to termination of your tenancy.

Q: What kind of situations are emergencies?

A: Emergencies threaten human lives and/or cause property damage. For example, a burst pipe can cause flooding and would be considered an emergency. A broken heater in the winter time would be another example of an emergency.

Q: What's the pet policy?

A: We try to be as pet friendly as possible. Whether it be their aggressiveness or noise from barking and anxiety, some pets are just not suited to apartment living due to space or proximity to others and their pets. Another example would be overly large pets (above 50 lbs) would not be sutiable in apartments with hard wood floors.  When you have an approved pet in an apartment and you want to add an extra one, you must call our office first, before the pet moves into the apartment. Not doing so will be grounds for termination of your lease agreement with WFM Little Rock.

Q: Can I change the locks?

A: No, installing new locks on your own would violate the lease agreement terms. It's possible to intall a new lock upon request and approval; there may be a tenant harge depending on the situation.  

Q: Can managers and staff enter my home when I'm not there?

A: If there's a need to enter the property, we will notify you beforehand. There are many possible reasons for the entrance of managers or staff.  For example, landlords may enter the home for emergency repairs. They may also allow insurance agents or inspectors to enter the property. But regular maintenance is preferably carried out when you aren't away from the home.

Q: Do I need renters insurance?

A: Yes, all tenants need to have renters insurance before moving in.

Q: When do I have to give the notice to vacate?

A: You need to give written notice 60 days before terminating the lease and moving. Less than a 30 day notice before terminating the lease and moving,  could result in forfeiture of your deposit. 





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